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We provide complete solution for online branding and marketing along with the result-oriented campaigns, which can be calculated in tangible numbers. We also develop the system and train your team to respond the inquiries generated during the campaigns.

  • Designing, managing and execution of promotional campaign to support the admissions of student.
  • Collection of potential students data (leads) who may be interested to study in the Institute.
  • Systematic follow-up of leads (via email, SMS and other text messaging and phone calls).
  • The aim will be to filter the leads and extract those who are really keen to apply for upcoming session. Our team will systematically follow-up the leads to filter and extract only those who eventually apply and submit the application.
 The Strategy:
  • Identify key elements about our goals and target with a clear mindset to focus on “what we need to achieve?”
  • Targeted strategy and focused line of actions.
  • Customized campaigns to get the required results and targets.
  • Our team make sure that our partners will get a result oriented campaigns and will have tangible data at the end of each phase of the campaign.
  • We use many different tools such as social media paid campaigns, SMS/Text messaging, Customized email to individual leads etc.
About the Company :

The HA Enterprise team has the experience of more then 18 years in education consultancy, marketing and promotion. We assure that we can provide the best quality services.

HA Enterprise is established to provide support for educational Institutes for branding, promotion and recruitment using online marketing tools.

We offer diverse specialized services for educational sector for local and International institutes in the areas of training and human resource development as well.

About the CEO:

The company established by Mr Humair Ahmad who has a vast experience of marketing and management of educational sector since 1999. He has served as Manager, Director and COO in UK, Pakistan and UAE. Mr. Ahmad has also served as International Manager of University of Sunderland (UK) from 2008 till Jan 2015, overseeing its marketing he was with Sunderland since 2000 (total 15 years), promotions and recruitment of students in Pakistan and partially in Middle-East. He has managed many online campaigns for UK universities and organizations for the region of South Asia and Middle-East. Mr Ahmad is also a well known trainer and consultant for online marketing and promotions, he has been conducting and deliver training since last 5 years.

Campaign Execution;
  • Aim: Aims and objectives of the campaign decided after the discussion with the clients.


  • Goals and Target:
    • Targeted Audience
      • Demography – Location – Interest
    • Target the number of leads
    • Theme and concepts of campaign according to the audiences.
Key Actions:
  • Advertisement Material: Our team of professional developers and designers design the product specific advertisements as per requirement of our clients. We may need brand guidance from our partner clients to reflect their products and services as per their brand guide.
  • Landing Page: Development of a web based landing page. The main feature of page will be to collect the data through an online form. This form will be linked with the database. After submission by any person the applicant will get an automatic customized email reply. At the same time the summery of the submitted details, shall be sent automatically and instantly to the any specified email ID provided by the Institute.
  • Online Campaigning:  Campaign through different online and social media platforms. We use the platforms, which are more likely to attract our targeted audiences and increase the online submissions.
  • Data Collection & Sharing: All the submissions on landing page will be collected through database and share with our partners.
  • Follow-up- Filter: Our team will than contact the leads and filter potential students. The process involved customized email to individual students, text messaging, and other communication tools such as phone calls and whatsap messaging etc. The Institute will provide all the messages, which need to be sent to the students.
  • Report and analytical: At the end of the campaign, we shall provide a complete analytical of enquiries collected during the campaign.
Our  Recent Campaigns

Following are the list of our recent clients of this year



University Of Glasgow: One Month (30 days or 500 enquirers from Students and at least 10 visit to the office) Campaign for University of Glasgow Run and Authorized by RMT Enterprise. June 2018
Targeting Punjab region.



Australian National University: One Month Campaign for Australian National University through RMT Enterprises.
The specific target is to invite the students to Visit RMT Office at least 10 plus student must visit the Badri Building Office for interview. The leads are shared with the RMT team on weekly basis and invitation letters for Interviews via email were sent to all leads




Greenwich University UK:
Targeting students from all over Pakistan from the age group of 18 to 29. The campaign was in 3 phases for 20 days each, starting from March 2017 till July 2017. The Campaign was run on request of International Education Office (IEO)




Kingston University London:
Kingston University London:
All over Pakistan, only targeting A2 level students from leading schools in Pakistan. The campaign was for 20 days and specifically targeting postgraduate applications. The Campaign was run on request of International Education Office (IEO)




Bangor University UK:
The campaign runs throughout the year, from January 17 till November 2017. There are 20 days slot for each phase and after every phase we share the data and analytical with the management. so far there have been 2400 inquiries.




Northampton University:
20 days campaign for Northampton University in the region of Punjab and KPK only. Targeting the students from the age of 20 to 28 only promoting the Masters programmes starting in January 2018. The Campaign was run on request of International Education Office (IEO)





Hong Kong University of Science and Technology:

HKUST is one of the world’s top ranked university in Engineering, we are currently running its campaign started from 3rd October and will end on 16 October 2017. The target Audience is only Engineering professionals and students and the promotion is only for Masters programmes. The age group is from 22 to 45.The Campaign was run on request of Auspak International




Engineering Institute of Technology (Perth) Australia:

EIT campaign started from 4th October and will end on 16 October. The Target region is only Punjab and Sindh with age group of 18 to 24. The Campaign was run on request of Auspak International




SEGi University (Malaysia) 

We have run the campaign for SEGi University Malaysia on the request of International Education  Office. The campaign ran in the month of April 2017. The Campaign was run on request of International Education Office.




Webster University (USA) [Thailand and Greece Campus]

The campaign of Webster was specifically targeted to promote programmes offered in Thailand and Greece campuses. The campaign was for 20 days from 17 Sep till 3rd Oct. The Campaign was run on request of Auspak International

Our Packages:

As mentioned above, the campaigns we design are customized which are set as per requirements of goals and targets of our clients.  The cost and charges of our services will only be decided after the discussion.

We are happy to discuss with you please feel free to contact us


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